Welcome, Lazy Parents of NAMI!

Welcome to Nami Dearest, where we hope to help NAMI family members overcome their lazy streak. So get out of the Lazy Boy, get off your fat asses, and work it! It’s time to go NAMI and get your kids put away, where they belong!

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  1. NamiDearest says:

    I am not lazy! Just you wait, young lady. I am calling your mother!

  2. admin says:

    Have some popcorn and play with the remote, Nami Mommy.

  3. admin says:

    I’ve slipped them in your nightly cocktails. I was hoping they would make you less cranky, but obviously it did not work. Maybe I need to turn over some furniture and call the police on you.

    • NamiDearest says:

      *dials 911* “Hello? operator? EDP! We have an EDP here! Please send armed police officers and an ambulance with a restraint gurney! And hurry…I have a hair appointment in an hour.”

  4. admin says:

    You NEED a hair appointment, honey.

  5. Deborah Jameson says:

    I think this entire website is a disgrace. I am the mother of a severely mentally ill young man, and I do everything I can to help him get well. He does not understand how sick he is, and you just undermine my work.

    How long until he explodes and kills our family and the dog??? If he does, the blood will be on YOUR hands. I hope you’re happy. He needs his meds, but people like you have made it so hard to get him to comply.

    • NamiDearest says:

      I don’t know WHAT you’re talking about Mama Jameson. We at Nami Dearest agree with you. You should keep forcibly drugging your son, so he dies the average of 25-32 years sooner than everyone else. It’s the most compassionate thing to do. That Robert Whitaker guy…he’s just a radical, probably some kind of scientologist plant in the journalism pool. http://www.madinamerica.com/madinamerica.com/Anatomy%20of%20an%20Epidemic.html

      Have a nice evening. Don’t forget to harness Jr. into his bed before you turn in tonight.

    • ACT_Champion! says:

      You go girl! My oldest son was totally out of control in his late teens! He was smoking weed and getting in fights and urinating wherever he pleased; he once just whipped it out in his bedroom and went right out the window! He’d accuse us of sabotaging his life and abusing him as a child. Well NUH-UH! We put a stop to that! Now he drags his feet across the floor with his head down, drooling all over the place like a good boy!

      Together, we will win this fight against bad behavior… Erm, I mean terrible brain diseases requiring psychotropic drugs that work like insulin for diabetes!

  6. Deborah Jameson says:

    Oh excuse me. You think I don’t know a snotty attitude when I read one? I do. I know your type, just full of yourself and thinking you know best. You’re probably just mentally ill yourself and need some meds. You’re disgusting.

    One day someone is going to shoot up a workplace, and it will be thanks to snots like you. I hope you can live with yourself. You’re no better than a murderer!!!

    • NamiDearest says:

      You’re behaving erratically, Ms. Jameson. You sound paranoid. Did you go off your meds?

      • schiznarc says:

        People with full-sounding first+last names talk like that. I think that after meds, you’ll be hearing from deboJam, a much chiller person.

    • Jane says:

      Deborah Jameson said: “The blood will be on your hands.” and “You are no better than a murderer!!!”

      I can’t believe you actually said this. I almost snorted coffee across my keyboard. Maybe you need some chill pills?

      Thanks for the comedy NAMIDearest! Love your site.

    • ACT_Champion! says:

      You go AGAIN, girlfriend! Yuh-HUH! Violence didn’t exist before mental illness, we have to put a stop to murder and violence by drugging the mentally ill! Their were no mass shootings before people began getting diagnosed and prescribed psychiatric dru…. I mean, there were no mass shootings before mental disease struck the population! mentally ill people are ticking timebombs! Watch out! Nobody is safe! The mentally ill are only seconds away from killing us all for no apparent reason! We must do everything we can to subdue the mentally ill before our imaginations come true and we all die!

  7. Kimbriel says:

    Lol, is this Deborah Jameson lady for real? If not, it’s brilliant satire

  8. Kimbriel says:

    Holy crap, you guys, she’s right! Some poor mentally ill person could, in the midst of psychosis, find this random website and decide to go off his meds and kill the family dog!! You murderers!!

  9. Dr. Killpatient says:

    Well, we all know that mental illness is genetic. This poor woman cannot drink enough Jameson to deal with her son. Perhaps she uses her apron strings to time him to the bed.

  10. Dr. Killpatient says:

    I meant tie him to the bed. oy vey. Thanks Haldol for cognitive degenerative disease.

  11. susan says:

    how do I get to submit two articles to you?????

    • NamiDearest says:

      We have a contact page in the sidebar under “Ask NamiDearest”. You can submit by email at the address listed. Thanks!

  12. Natalie says:

    Dear NamiDearest,

    I hope this doesn’t anger you, seeing how you’re the picture of peace and calm that anyone would want in a mother. But I recently wrote this, and I thought, maybe, just maybe, it would help you have a little compassion for us crazies, seeing how this story could about you in one of your more “peaceful” moments:

    Also, you kind of remind of Nurse Ratched. If this offends you or makes you uncomfortable, I’m so sorry. If my compassion is not enough, I bet they have a pill for it.


    (Seriously, you, the brilliant comedic brain behind this, are one of my new heroes. If my adoration makes you uncomfortable, I most certainly do not think you should take a pill for it. But I can recommend a fabulous acupuncturist.) 😉

  13. Dr. Derp says:

    ha. this is funny, because I actually know a few people in my small hick town that advocate for involuntary drugging and commitment in psych hospitals. When I first read this post I thought you were legit, but then I was like, nah, this is too stupid and silly to be legit…kinda like that guy who does the whole Landover Baptist Church thing, he actually gets real fundies commenting on his forums and then we all troll them. Maybe you could attract legit advocates and then roast them, yeah?

  14. Francesca Allan says:

    Love your website. My deepest regret in life is that I can’t be a NAMI mommie because I don’t have children!!! I had a hysterectomy at age 11 so they would increase my disability payments by $300 – what a deal! Rock on.

    • NamiDearest says:

      Have you considered adoption? One can be a NAMI mommy even if not the biological parent. Adoption, or even foster parenting would do.

      • Francesca Allan says:

        Thanks for the advice, ND. I think a foster kid would be the way to go because a lot of them come pre-labelled so I could skip that pesky step and jump right to the “take the pills or I’ll have you locked up” stage. Wow, I’m going to think about this! I had only been thinking about a biological child because he/she would be genetically predetermined to have a mental illness and thus eligible for preventative treatment which might be even more fun. Now I see that I still have a chance so thank you for your support.

  15. Jenny says:

    Dear NamiDearest,

    I have always respected the work you do keeping the world safe from mentally ill people. In your honor this Hallowe’en I’m sending out this song to you:


    Happy Hallowe’en!

    Your friend,

    The Second Coming of Biederman

    P.S. I’m not sure if Rockwell’s mother is a member of NAMI, but if she’s not, perhaps you can help get her a membership? It seems she might have her hands full with her son…

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