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EDP! EDP! The Consumertocracy runs amok in the streets of Albany!

Fellow NamiDearests, We bring you an emergency broadcast. On 1-11-11, the consumertocracy¬† descended upon Albany with their ranting, unreasonable requests for human rights. They thronged¬† the streets brandishing large, orange inflatable weapon-type thingies, beating on street signs and generally disrupting the status quo.¬† Watch the startling footage from their public rampage: They forced their way […]

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We have a new poster child, Jared Lee Loughner! Happy day!

Well, we certainly don’t want to express joy over a sad tragedy. But our friends and colleagues, including DJ Jaffe, E Fuller Torrey and Sally Satel were reportedly seen at a party last night making toasts and partying until sunrise. Our inside source said Jaffe was wearing a bright pink party hat and raising his […]

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Hoarding…the brain disorder that can strike anyone

“The disease is in the brain! We need brains!” ~ E. Fuller Torrey Today on NamiDearest, we would like to call attention to the very serious mental illness known as “hoarding”. Many of you may be aware of this disease due to the A&E television series, Hoarders. Others of you may even know, or have […]

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