Hoarding…the brain disorder that can strike anyone

“The disease is in the brain! We need brains!” ~ E. Fuller Torrey

Today on NamiDearest, we would like to call attention to the very serious mental illness known as “hoarding”. Many of you may be aware of this disease due to the A&E television series, Hoarders. Others of you may even know, or have been personally affected by a hoarder and his/her disease.

Hoarding is a biological brain disorder just like all other mental illnesses. Sure, we hear these people speak of having grown up in poverty, having suffered serious childhood “traumas”, having lost children and spouses, but those stressful events simply trigger the activation of the hoarding gene which all of us carry. The disease of hoarding is nothing to be ashamed of. We must raise awareness of this serious biological illness.

How many of you are aware that our beloved Dr. E. Fuller Torrey suffers from this serious disorder known as “hoarding”? Yes, it’s true! Dr, Torrey has a particularly severe case of hoarding due to a rare mutation in his hoarding gene, causing him to suffer from a brain hoarding brain illness. He has no insight into his disease, and this common among those with the hoarding illness.

When E. Fuller Torrey arrives at work at 7 a.m., the first thing he does is check on his brains. Getting more brains is pretty much all Dr. Torrey can think about. He’s been quoted as saying, “We won’t be getting any brains in the mail today,” … ”They don’t mail them over the weekend. We’ll probably get some fresh brains Fed Exed tomorrow.” He has even set up his own “brain bank” with the financial assistance of  Ted Stanley. In addition, Dr, Torrey has been known to go so far as stealing the brains of the mentally ill to satisfy his brain-lust. The hoarding disease has not spared this great man from its ravages.

The brain bank is central to his grand plan. In 1994, he began contacting medical examiners’ offices and has since built a national network that collects brains of mentally ill people who died in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, from suicide and heart failure, in car crashes and fires. Torrey has employed a half-dozen pathologists around the country, paying them as much as $100,000 a year, to work full-time hunting brains. Within 48 hours of death, the brain is frozen at minus-70 degrees and shipped to Torrey. ”We’re up to 226 brains,” Torrey says. ”We have 44 freezers here just full of brain.” While Torrey uses some tissue samples himself, most are distributed free to researchers worldwide. ”Scientists historically have not shared their sources,” says Dr. Stanley J. Watson, a University of Michigan professor who leased a truck in December to pick up 20,000 brain sections from Torrey’s lab.

Back in 1998, Dr. Torrey was almost certain he would find a cure for schizophrenia within 5 to 10 years, claiming he would die happy if he did. For now, he’ll just have to settle for the comfort of his brain collection and his inflated god-status, but some day, we at NamiDearest are sure that Dr. Torrey will go down in the annals of the great psychiatric healers such as Ugo Cerletti, Egas Moniz, Walter Freeman, and Henry Cotton.

By virtue of his medical degree, Dr. Torrey has been able to live a productive life, spawning numerous pseudoscientific and propagandist books and papers, and going so far as to found the Treatment Advocacy Center to assist himself with obtaining as many brains as possible through removal of the civil and human rights of those labeled with “serious mental illness”. This is a hoarder turned hero. If you haven’t already donated your brain to Dr. Torrey’s cause, you may do so here.

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11 Responses to Hoarding…the brain disorder that can strike anyone

  1. etacovdA says:

    NAMIDearest — Torrey is obviously a *very* sick man, who is, quite possibly, also suffering from anosognosia, the poor man completely unaware of his brain hoarding brain disease. What a shame, those closest to him enable/bankroll him as he continues to collect brains — it’s sad, really! Just because someone is a doctor does not mean they’re immune from brain disease! Look at the Nazi T4 psychiatrists, they were no one’s heroes, and yet they collected brains in the most heinous, disgusting ways. I think Torrey ought to have one brain, and make it his own, lest someone confuse him with a Nazi T4 psychiatrist. Thanks, again, NAMI Dearest!

  2. etacovdA says:

    Also, what are the chances of buying one of those lovely unit keys above? Will you sell them to support NAMIDearest’s website/agenda? Thanks!

  3. Gina DeLuca says:

    Advocate makes a good point with regard to the Nazi T4.

  4. Mark p.s.2 says:

    I was thinking the same thing about Torrey. The disturbing part of the story is that they can find no “mentally ill” disease in the brains he collects.

  5. Becky Murphy says:

    Another great one! Thank you Nami Dearest!

  6. Gina DeLuca says:

    Your Brain Our Way
    Love, E., Sally, and DJ


  7. po says:

    yah analize something other than all this brain stuff it 2011 everyones got the jist of all this generate some employment and fun and friendliness take a shot in the unknown friendly a little warmth lol to that

  8. Dr. Kill Patient says:

    I wonder why Edwin never uses his given name…. Perhaps he was afraid of getting bullied by his peers…Maybe he too suffers from schizophrenia like his sister…I’m sure they both fall into his genetic and cat poop theories. http://cogweb.ucla.edu/ep/Schizovirus.html

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