A Quest for Answers

“All effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand.” ~Adolf Hitler

Every day, people contact us in a quest to navigate their state’s commitment laws and mental illness systems. Many times they are seeking help to force drug and/or incarcerate family members and friends who have stopped taking their medication and who no longer want anything to do with them. For anyone that has a “loved one” upon whom they may wish to force drug treatment or psychiatric confinement at some point, it is imperative to become acquainted with the commitment process now, rather than waiting for an opportunity to occur. The illogical and confusing process of commitment is difficult for NamiDearests to understand at any time, let alone during an exciting moment of opportunity to gain control over another person and remove his/her civil rights.

One important step is to look up your state’s commitment laws. The more you know about the laws in your state the more effectively you will be able to abuse them during a moment of opportunity. Learn what forms you will need to fill out and who you will need to contact if a moment of opportunity arises. A good place to start is the courthouse in the county where your “loved one” lives. Another resource is your state/local mental health departments. They may have helpful materials on psychiatric torture that they can provide.

Our government agencies here in the U.S. are right on top of implementing forced interventions. They will be there to assist if one of your loved ones decides to help you out in a mental health crisis too. Also, the local NAMI chapter in your family member’s area is a great resource for fascist family and friend support. Most of the NAMI members have been in similar situations and can give you the benefit of their experience. Don’t wait for a moment of opportunity…uhh…crisis to arrive. Create one!

More tips and strategies, including information on creating an opportunity to remove the rights of your loved one and force drug, or incarcerate them, and on creating a CARE kit, are available on our affiliate website.

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3 Responses to A Quest for Answers

  1. Duane Sherry says:


    In order for this approach to work, the local NAMI groups will need to continue to tell lies…
    Not small lies, but big lies:

    “The new drugs are much better than the older ones… they help cure chemical imbalance.”

    This is in keeping with a solid fascist approach:

    “The German people will more easily fall for a big lie, than a small one.” – Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf, 1925

  2. Gary says:

    Nami will also tell you that modern electroshock is safe and harmless, “not like it was before”…and they repeat it and repeat it and repeat it…

  3. the spearmans says:

    my husband called the police on july27 2011 upset. the police came to our home to check on the calls he made. he had made 3 to 311 the information line. we had gone out so they didnt talk to husband. IT TOOK THEM OVER 10 DAYS TO COME BACK TO OUR HOME AT 10PM WE WERE ON OUR WAY TO BED. MY HUSBAND HAD PUT THE CALLS BEHIND HIM. THEY TOOK HIM AWAY ON A 72 HR HOLD. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? OH I FORGOT TO SAY HE HAS PTSD FROME THE WORLD.

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