The Commitment Hour: Assisted Outpatient Suicide for the Seriously Mentally Ill

Tonight on this special Valentine’s Day edition of  The Commitment Hour, NamiDearest interviews our favorite NamiMommy about a special new treatment program for the seriously mentally ill. Advocates for the seriously mentally ill call this program, The Permanent Solution.

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9 Responses to The Commitment Hour: Assisted Outpatient Suicide for the Seriously Mentally Ill

  1. D Bunker says:

    Truth would quickly cease to become stranger than fiction, once we got as used to it.

    H L Mencken

  2. markps2 says:

    The slippery slope of euthanasia is being debated in Canada once again.
    “Quebec report calls for euthanasia legislation”Mar. 22, 2012
    “Quebec is being asked to take the bold step of legislating a form of medically supervised euthanasia.”
    “The committee insisted the proposal is in no way a form of assisted suicide but rather the ultimate health care solution for the terminally ill.”

    Aren’t we all terminally ill?

    “A patient requesting medical assistance to die would submit a signed form that would be reviewed periodically with the assistance of the patient’s doctor, who must also sign the form and obtain a second opinion from an independent physician.”

    Same thing at Action T4 . Three red pencil marks meant you were worthy of death.
    “Who will be able to trust his doctor any more?”Cardinal Clemens von Galen – August 3, 1941

  3. skyblue says:

    Thank you NamiDearest for sharing the love.
    I am sorry to tell you though that you might be in violation of Bill C-36A Subsection 33 that it is unlawful to say anything publicly that might interfere with the profits of any major American Corporation.
    The mentally ill cannot buy meds if they are not alive! And who will do all the service work for America Inc. Service work is all that is left, servants are useless and unreliable unless they are properly medicated.

    It’s a good idea though. Can’t the parents just appreciate what psychiatry has done for them? Just put them in the assisted outpatient group homes with the assisted outpatient McJob work program.
    Probably what we need are more award ceremonies where regional directors can beam with happiness wile the medicated recovery cases can sit in obedient rows getting their plaques of merit.

  4. Pat Risser says:

    Of course! The “permanent” solution is a great way to allow NAMI mommies and daddies to play the “Oh woe is me” martyr card. I feel sorry for them because the more they whine, the more attention they get and the more their identity becomes wrapped up in being poor martyrs. And, we wouldn’t want the truth to come out about them. Shhh, many’s the adult with a NAMI mommie who is messed up. I look at the adult child and then I look at the parent and I know the real source of the adult child’s issues. And, given that over 90% of all with psychiatric diagnosis are survivors of abuse, neglect and trauma, the poor parents must hide somewhere to escape blame and responsibility. Permanent solution relieves guilt. Puts an end to it. Bravo.

    • Robert Olcott says:

      I concur in total and in part, Pat. “In Part” in case a NAMI parent’s ACE’s (the U.S. CDC/Kaiser-Permanente Adverse Childhood Experiences Study) might just slip out, and they’d be expected to take responsibility for the “Trans-Generational nature of Trauma and Abuse”

  5. Jim Keiser says:

    STANDARD PRACTICE IN PSYCHIATRIC “DIAGNOSIS” AND TREATMENT (valid from my, and others’ experiences):

    “…Most people would agree that people need to (be) told accurate information about the validity of a diagnosis; including whether or not it is Biological in nature; or if this is a belief based on nothing more than a yet to be validated Hypothesis. Saying that a psychiatric diagnosis is a disease/chemical imbalance/neuro-biological in nature is a story told to ‘bust the stigma’ and to get people to take their meds; not because it is based on fact.

    …Fraud is a crime, and also a civil law violation. Defrauding people or entities of money or valuables is a common purpose of fraud, but there have also been fraudulent ‘discoveries’, e.g., in science, to gain prestige rather than immediate monetary gain. …

    …Most people would agree that people need to given accurate, unbiased information about the drugs prescribed to them and their children. Most of us would agree it would be wrong to tell people that they in fact have a disease/chemical imbalance or a neuro-biological condition requiring drugs to treat it; when no imbalance, disease, defect or neuro-biological condition has been identified. These claims are being made without any physical, neurological or medical examination taking place. A conversation with the person and gathering information from others about their personal opinions and subjective observation of the patient or ‘client’ is not an examination; and even a consensus of informed opinions does not make the weakest of ‘evidence’ scientific or valid; it does not make the psychiatric diagnosis a medical condition either. …

    The fact is: no genetic condition, chemical imbalance, or neuro-biological pathology has been identified ever–in any human being alive or dead; that causes any mental illness, or psychiatric diagnosis. …

    …Failing to give people the very information which is necessary to protect their children and themselves is particularly heinous; despicable really, all things considered. …

    …For professionals to ignore their ethical duty to fully inform patients and parents of children about the nature of psychiatric diagnoses, about the potential for harm involved in taking psychiatric drugs is criminal; not just ‘unethical.’ It is, in reality fraud…

    …This being the case, it is an unethical claim for any psychiatrist or mental health professional to make. It is dishonest, it is disrespectful and it is evidence of an utter lack of professional integrity. …

    …Many believe the drugs are treating a disease, because of the erroneous belief that doctors don’t lie to patients. People take neurotoxic drugs believing that the drugs treat a brain disease they have. The drugs cause iatrogenic, or ‘physician caused’ diseases, neurological impairments, and can disable them; and even cause their untimely death. …

    …It is fraud. It is Standard Practice. It is criminal. “~from article in Systems of Care Yakima

  6. Jim Keiser says:

    You commie bastards. why don’t you read Mein Kampf and get with the program?

  7. michael says:

    I am severely mentally ill, have been my whole life. I am 47 now and I would most definitely volunteer for euthanasia.

  8. Dr. Quackenbush says:

    Just remember NAMI parents, if your loved ones object to being euthanized they must really be in denial about the severity of their illness. Agnosognosia obviously! This means they must be put out of their misery as speedily as possible.

    When they say “no” they really mean “yes.”

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