Introducing the Commitment Plan App for the namiPhone!


A commitment plan is a list of sneaky strategies and social manipulation techniques that family and friends can use when they are tired of dealing with a mentally ill loved one. It helps them not have to listen to or empathize with their loved ones thoughts and feelings. The plan is brief, is in the mommy’s own words, and is easy to read. It is an emergency plan for getting annoying loved ones committed.


Anyone who has an annoying and/or mentally ill loved one.

Clinicians can collaborate with mommies to develop the Commitment Plan™. Mommies can also develop plans on their own.

There are 6 Steps involved in the development of a Commitment Plan™.

Step 1: Annoying Signs
List annoying signs of an empathic crisis. Include specific thoughts, images, thinking processes, mood, and/or behaviors

Step 2: Internal Coping Strategies
List activities that can be done without anyone else involved to cope and distract from angry, guilty, scapegoating thoughts, e.g. going online, listening to calming music, taking a walk, watching television, drinking a quart of vodka that you keep secreted away inside a frozen turkey in the back of your freezer.

Step 3: Social Contacts and Social Settings That May Distract from the Empathic Crisis
List individuals and safe social settings that can distract and support the angry mommy. Discussion of hostile feelings are not included here, except at NAMI meetings.

Step 4: Family Members or Friends Who May Offer Help
List family members and/or friends who can help with the empathic crisis. Discussion of hostile feelings can be included here. Swearing at and threatening your mentally ill loved one is encouraged.

Step 5: Professionals and Agencies to Contact for Help
List important health professionals, local ER, crisis line number, your loved one’s Case Mangler.

Step 6: Making the Environment Safe
Identify how to restrict/remove access to lethal means.

Step 7: Creating an Emergency

Turn over furniture, call 911 and shout “EDP!” into the receiver. Make up a story about your loved one to convince the police to take him to the hospital.


ASSESS the likelihood that the overall commitment plan will be used.
Problem solve to identify barriers or obstacles to using the plan. Determine how to eliminate them.
REVIEW the plan periodically to determine whether the plan needs to be revised.

The Commitment Plan™ app was developed with input from Nazis for Mental Hygiene. Developers: NamiDearest, Shock Girl, Psychiatrist Babs and BJ Daffy. The namiPhone uses the iOC operating system.

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8 Responses to Introducing the Commitment Plan App for the namiPhone!

  1. Emma Goldman says:

    Excuse me, but I want to make sure I understand. This can be used for family members who are simply annoying, not just those with psychiatric labels?

  2. Francesca Allan says:

    Oh, come on, now, Emma. You disappoint me.

    There’s no such thing as simply being annoying: it’s called “Irritating Personality Disorder” now. It’s a tragic epidemic, sweeping our continent. Thank God for NamiDearest!

  3. Subversive Sally says:

    In contrast to the commitment plan, a WRAP Plan, especially one tied to an advanced directive, can help a person a person escape the undue influence of NAMIdearest, one step at a time. Depending on how entrenched one is, it is often not that easy to do, so a plan can help. It is also good to plan not to let things break down, and to recognize when NAMIdearest is deteriorating. For example, if NAMI dearest deteriorates every time you try to assert your rights, stop trying to assert your rights with her, accept her as brain-dead, and focus on taking care of yourself and making an exit plan from her mayhem instead. NAMIdearest has an upper hand every time you fight, when she can call the police, so the first thing on your exit plan should be “No more fights with NAMIdearest no matter how many buttons she pushes”. This may require daily meditation and great effort to achieve, especially after dealing with the whacko, now totally invested in proving to the world that you are the problem, who gets her jollies from police interventions, so she can go tell all her cronies at her support meeting how she suffered today.

    Pretending to swallow also works nicely

    As does making a compact with Psychiatrist Barbie, that you agree to take Zyprexa as soon as you get psychotic, “let’s watch together”. The goal is to get everybody off your back until you can escape. Sometimes faked compliance is the fastest way to that route. While war feels appropriate, that is NAMIdearest’s tactic, so we know it can’t be right. Stealth is better.
    Sometimes an all out war may feel like fun, (just ask NAMIdearest) but if the real goal is to Get The Hell Out of Dodge, then careful planning can be necessary. Especially if economics are a grave concern and you need to buy some time to figure out how to strike out on your own.

    Now every situation is different, just like every NAMIdearest is cracked in a different part of her egg, (don’t forget DADDYdearest’s exist, too), so this advise would certainly not be appropriate for everybody, but for those who need to plan an escape, this does indeed work, I can vouch for it. As soon as I stopped trying to get Psychiatrist Barbie to see that I didn’t need medication and agreed that as soon as my behavior got out of control, I would take it, of course, then PDoc and her Malpractice Insurance Company calmed right down. She began to cooperate with me because I was sooooo cooperative with her. Very Reasonable Daughter was then able to escape the whole lot of them and has lived happily in seclusion for many years since.

    I did have to give up needing the approval of NAMIdearest or other family members, which was never coming. If I am going to be a goat, I realized, I may as well go eat grass in the peaceful country. Some advocates say that grass is the best thing for PTSD!

  4. Subversive Sally says:


  5. Subversive Sally says:

    Also NAMIdearest we could really use your help on the West Coast, with DJ’s look alike Rose King and the law that pumped 7 Billion dollars into the Mental Health System, and mandated that “family members” be a part of everything. Sum Ting Wong, Ho Lee Fuk, We Too Low, Bing Bang Ow. Welcome to California! Don’t forget to read the stories!


    Where Psychiatrist Barbie could surely jump in.

    The “PLAN” is that once the NAMI Master Plan is set in motion in CALIFORNIA, to “spread awareness” to the rest of the country. California will offer the “model” plans, aka “best practices”. It has been quite remarkable, in fact. NAMI has taken over parts of the system, who can’t complain for reasons involving media manipulation and job security. Mind-bending one could say. Horrifying, in fact. Way worse than Jaffe, by BILLIONS. New York is child’s play compared to California. Jaffe has stuck his nose into California however, acting as a “friend” to the cause. He is quoted in California newspapers with unnerving regularity. We could sure use your help in return. Please, jump in! Sally.

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  7. Lo says:

    I think this may be even more classic than the original “turn over the furniture” piece. Keep up the good work!

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