Raw footage of the Psychiatric Survivor Movement in action!

Greetings, fellow NamiDearests!

During our long research sabbatical, we visited the jungles of Eastern United States in an effort to observe and further understand the strange behaviors of those who call themselves “psychiatric survivors”.

Our observations revealed a mostly chaotic, volatile, yet rigid-thinking group of creatures who cannot seem to reach a common goal (not even once) over the past 50 years! You will be pleased to learn, as we were, that they pose absolutely no threat to our systems. In fact, they’re just like humans in many respects.

Watch and be amazed as they are finally revealed, interacting in their natural habitat, attempting to “organize”. It’s almost cute.

YouTube Preview Image
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  1. Dr. Quackenbush says:

    Next to the Chemical Imbalance, my favorite Metaphor is that of the Antipsychiatry Menace. People actually take it literally. The Chemical Imbalance metaphor is useful in ensuring med compliance. The Antipsychiatry Menace Metaphor is useful at keeping NAMI consumers and others on their toes.

    Just check BipolarBlabber and see how terrified the dear little crazy is that those awful Antipsychiatry folks will manage to take her drugs away. She makes a useful tool and has great insight, but her prolific writing concerns me. She is obviously hypomanic and needs her meds adjusted as soon as possible.

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