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  1. DJ JAffe says:

    I love the wit and intelligence of your site. Please keep it up. One thing that may make you happy, sad, indifferent (not sure) is the fact that I am as personae-non-gratis at NAMI as I am at consumertocracy conventions.

    • NamiDearest says:

      Oh come on, Deej! We luvs ya. Us NamiDearests truly appreciate your advice on how to get the cops to MHA a loved one by turning over the furniture. It’s classic!

      • Robert Olcott says:

        DJ Jaffe, I so enjoyed your Huffington Post critique of the Alternatives Conference, and your (and Fuller Torrey’s) article in the National Review….I thought it interesting just how much of Nami’s funding comes from the Pharmaceutical Industry. You’d make a perfect Board member for them!

  2. DJ jaffe says:

    Tx. That was one of my FAvs cuz I was a reporter reporting on what some were doing and specifically said I was not recommending it. I guess cuz u reported on the activity, I can now say you favor it too. After all you didn’t even mention being against it.

    As a gift ti you, to prove I’m not lazy, here’s what you can say about the above post of mine: Jaffe confirms “turning over furniture” is ‘fav’

    • NamiDearest says:

      You’re so funny! Of course, I approve of turning over the furniture, Deej. But I think you must be lazy…You abbreviate, make typos and misspell words, or perhaps you’re just dealing with cognitive decline due to your “medication”. If that’s the case, we at NamiDearest will provide you with accommodations for the effects of your treatment.

      By the way, if you truly think you’re fooling anyone with your claim to “reporting” on the furniture turn-over scam, you’ve been hanging around with the chemically lobotomized way too often. xoxo

  3. Jeffrey says:

    I have a question. Who is that crazy looking women in the photo? Is that from a movie? What movie?

  4. skyblue says:


    I have an employee, a busboy who is very nervous , keeps breaking things, keeps asking me for a raise, is very stubborn about working off the clock and insists on taking regular breaks etc.
    I am sure he is suffering from ‘oppositional defiant disorder” he might even be a commie..
    IS there any way I can make him take psychotropics as a condition of employment?
    Not only would it help America Inc in this time of need but I sure it would be the patriotic thing to do?
    Where can I go to lodge a complaint or get this process started.
    Thank you very much.

  5. Bill Hutchinson says:

    Wish I’d found this site YEARS ago….
    The lies of the pseudoscience drug racket known as “psychiatry”, and it’s prime pimp, NAMI,
    continue to do far more harm than good….

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