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Introducing the Commitment Plan App for the namiPhone!

WHAT IS A COMMITMENT PLAN? A commitment plan is a list of sneaky strategies and social manipulation techniques that family and friends can use when they are tired of dealing with a mentally ill loved one. It helps them not have to listen to or empathize with their loved ones thoughts and feelings. The plan […]

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The Commitment Hour: Assisted Outpatient Suicide for the Seriously Mentally Ill

Tonight on this special Valentine’s Day edition of  The Commitment Hour, NamiDearest interviews our favorite NamiMommy about a special new treatment program for the seriously mentally ill. Advocates for the seriously mentally ill call this program, The Permanent Solution.

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A brain is a terrible thing to waste

Are you depressed? Strapped for cash? Don’t have any children? Not sure what you have to contribute to society? We have a solution for you! Give real meaning to your life (and death) by cashing in your mentally ill brain to the E. Fuller Torrey Brain Trust. Pay off your debts or leave your loved […]

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