Welcome, Lazy Parents of NAMI!

Welcome to Nami Dearest, where we hope to help NAMI family members overcome their lazy streak. So get out of the Lazy Boy, get off your fat asses, and work it! It’s time to go NAMI and get your kids put away, where they belong!

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Raw footage of the Psychiatric Survivor Movement in action!

Greetings, fellow NamiDearests!

During our long research sabbatical, we visited the jungles of Eastern United States in an effort to observe and further understand the strange behaviors of those who call themselves “psychiatric survivors”.

Our observations revealed a mostly chaotic, volatile, yet rigid-thinking group of creatures who cannot seem to reach a common goal (not even once) over the past 50 years! You will be pleased to learn, as we were, that they pose absolutely no threat to our systems. In fact, they’re just like humans in many respects.

Watch and be amazed as they are finally revealed, interacting in their natural habitat, attempting to “organize”. It’s almost cute.

YouTube Preview Image
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Launching Preemptive Treatment Strikes Against Potential Mass Murderers

Greetings fellow NamiDearests,

The growing wave of mass murders in the United States has been weighing heavily on my mind, and yours as well, I am sure. You never know what sort of heinous plans are being hatched in your back bedroom by a horny, virgin son with the schizovirus

And we all know the only thing that EVER causes such violence is untreated mental illness!

But here’s the good news…

We could prevent nearly all mass murder if every young, white male between the ages of 12 and 35 were preemptively medicated with antipsychotic drugs. Mass Murder Disorder™ is treatable! We must act now!

violent video gamesThese poor, sick, mass murdering boys and young men should not be dead or languishing in jails and prisons without their video games, legally purchased weapons  and Zoloft, only to receive sanity-giving, doctor-approved chemical lobotomies when it is too late!

I propose a national draft system to round up these young men at the time of life when the schizovirus tends to emerge and treat them all before any problems arise. Upon giving birth to a white, or bi-racial (half white) male child, a second form, called a Psychiatric Registration Draft Card, would be filed with the birth certificate at the county records office.

When the young male reaches the age of 12, he must be presented by a legal guardian to the local Mass Murder Prevention Facility™ to undergo extensive psychiatric examination. There he will receive compulsory medication that is to be monitored on a weekly basis by Mass Murder Prevention Case Managers™ who shall also have access to the subject’s emails, facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, Twitter and Instagram accounts. mass murder treatment courts

Non-compliance will result in psychiatric court martial, and the untreated young male can be admitted to inpatient treatment up to age 35 as to be decided by a Special Justice for the Mass Murder Prevention Courts™.

We have a message for every parent out there, you don’t think your child will become a Mass Murderer™ until they do! Psychiatry can stop them dead in their tracks!

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Introducing the Commitment Plan App for the namiPhone!


A commitment plan is a list of sneaky strategies and social manipulation techniques that family and friends can use when they are tired of dealing with a mentally ill loved one. It helps them not have to listen to or empathize with their loved ones thoughts and feelings. The plan is brief, is in the mommy’s own words, and is easy to read. It is an emergency plan for getting annoying loved ones committed.


Anyone who has an annoying and/or mentally ill loved one.

Clinicians can collaborate with mommies to develop the Commitment Plan™. Mommies can also develop plans on their own.

There are 6 Steps involved in the development of a Commitment Plan™.

Step 1: Annoying Signs
List annoying signs of an empathic crisis. Include specific thoughts, images, thinking processes, mood, and/or behaviors

Step 2: Internal Coping Strategies
List activities that can be done without anyone else involved to cope and distract from angry, guilty, scapegoating thoughts, e.g. going online, listening to calming music, taking a walk, watching television, drinking a quart of vodka that you keep secreted away inside a frozen turkey in the back of your freezer.

Step 3: Social Contacts and Social Settings That May Distract from the Empathic Crisis
List individuals and safe social settings that can distract and support the angry mommy. Discussion of hostile feelings are not included here, except at NAMI meetings.

Step 4: Family Members or Friends Who May Offer Help
List family members and/or friends who can help with the empathic crisis. Discussion of hostile feelings can be included here. Swearing at and threatening your mentally ill loved one is encouraged.

Step 5: Professionals and Agencies to Contact for Help
List important health professionals, local ER, crisis line number, your loved one’s Case Mangler.

Step 6: Making the Environment Safe
Identify how to restrict/remove access to lethal means.

Step 7: Creating an Emergency

Turn over furniture, call 911 and shout “EDP!” into the receiver. Make up a story about your loved one to convince the police to take him to the hospital.


ASSESS the likelihood that the overall commitment plan will be used.
Problem solve to identify barriers or obstacles to using the plan. Determine how to eliminate them.
REVIEW the plan periodically to determine whether the plan needs to be revised.

The Commitment Plan™ app was developed with input from Nazis for Mental Hygiene. Developers: NamiDearest, Shock Girl, Psychiatrist Babs and BJ Daffy. The namiPhone uses the iOC operating system.

namiPhone screenshots

free download

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Mental Illness Minute with Shock Girl

shock girlStay up to date on all the important mental illness news with the baldazzling host of Mental Illness Minute, Shock Girl. Today, Shock Girl brings us news on NamiDearest’s Taxidermy Therapy Program, Mayor Bloomberg’s Subway Station Schizo Pens, New York’s Stop-and-Frisk, Thorazine Spraydowns, and her new Shock Therapy accessories line, Baldazzled!

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Preserve Those Cherished Memories…and Your Loved One, Forever!

Who better understands your frustration with non-compliant mentally ill family members than we do here at NamiDearest?

As leaders in mental illness advocacy and policy, we devote the weight of our enormous moral authority and hand-wringing sob stories to the advancement of best practices in mental health care. Some of these best practices include fewer patient privacy rights, lower civil commitment standards, forced psychiatric drugging and ECT, as well as the progressive Assisted Outpatient Suicide program, otherwise known as The Permanent Solution.

But how do we handle the grief of losing our loved ones once the treatments have cured their genetically transmitted, psychiatric brain diseases?

Yes, there is always Zoloft. But in addition to chemically numbing the symptoms of Grief Disorder, many NamiDearests are finding Taxidermy Therapy to be an effective adjunct to their personal recovery regimen.

What on earth is Taxidermy Therapy?

In the case of a deceased mentally ill loved one, taxidermy therapy is the thoughtful choice for extending his or her shelf-life beyond the 25 to 32 years lost by the expected early death. And in the case of the non-compliant loved one, who has no real quality of life without the prescribed chemical lobotomy, families may seek an Assisted Outpatient Treatment order to hasten the physical decline of the loved one, bringing about early death in a more timely manner.

Some may recoil in shock, but taxidermy is back in style, and now it’s a medically approved therapy!

If you’ve you ever seen the head of a stag mounted on a plaque above an avid hunter’s fireplace, or a toothy shark mounted in a fisherman’s cottage, or the esteemed, deceased family pet proudly on display in the corner of the living room, you can begin to get the picture as to how taxidermy can help you and your family stay close and ever-hovering over your deceased loved one.

Those are just a few examples of taxidermy, and if the art of taxidermy can help us to preserve deceased animals, so they look as lifelike and realistic as the day they died, then there’s really no reason we shouldn’t preserve our loved ones as well. In fact, there are numerous reasons why a mentally ill loved one might be preserved using taxidermy. One of the most well known reasons is to prevent them from wandering off.

NamiDearest families may have their mentally ill loved ones mounted and dressed in the loved one’s very own clothing, chosen by mommy, and displayed with items that describe or convey the loved one’s personality, so they can enjoy them for years to come. For example, NamiDearests will have the option to choose from a variety of non-threatening and submissive poses with a seated loved one proudly displaying his Harvard acceptance letter from before he developed his serious psychiatric brain disease. Or you may choose from one of our reinforced glass-enclosure display case options, having your loved one tucked safely inside with meaningful artifacts like her medication bottles and treatments charts.

Display cases can be upgraded with beautifully engraved brass plates that detail the DSM diagnoses carried by your deceased love one, or with a list of all his or her medications and inpatient hospitalizations. These options allow for the enjoyment of your mentally ill loved one for many years to come and can present a lifelike museum-style exhibit for visitors and dinner guests.

Although some may refer to taxidermied loved ones as “stuffed”, this is actually a misconception. Taxidermied loved ones are not stuffed, but mounted. Their extensive, neuroleptic-enhanced skin is removed and preserved before being stretched across a rigid form shaped like your loved one. The rigid form may pleasantly mimic your loved one’s  appropriately medicated posture during his or her life. Some parts of your loved one, particularly the eyes, will be recreated from synthetic materials in order to prevent decomposition of tissues.

If you are preserving your mentally ill loved one as a preemptive procedure to the lengthier course of early death by conventional psychiatric treatments, or as a way to promote compliance, behavioral control, or to prevent wandering off, you have the option of choosing to have your soon-to-be-deceased loved one pre-treated with a zealous course of antibiotics that can help prevent “slippage” after mounting. Slippage is caused by bacteria-infestation in the carcass, and can cause hair loss in the mounted loved one. And let’s face it, we all know the mentally ill have very poor hygiene. You know what they say…An ounce of prevention

Some taxidermists will obtain your loved one’s carcass by euthanizing your deceased loved one. Other taxidermists, however, only preserve mentally ill loved ones that others have killed, receiving the carcass from the psychiatric hospital morgue in a legal manner. If a carcass cannot be obtained legally, one may opt for the Dr. E. Fuller Torrey method of collection.

Removing the loved one’s skin is the first step. This is not done in the same way as when you “tanned his hide” as a child. In this case, well-placed incisions are made in specific areas of your loved one’s ample skin. Tools like knives, scalpels, and scissors, that you have come to know as the dreaded “sharps”, are used to do this. In the case of preserving a Borderline loved one, you may already be having fond memories. Even in death, you can facilitate her excoriation, but in this case, her skin must be pulled off carefully, as to not damage it. All that old scar tissue she built up trying to manipulate you for love will only serve to make the mounting process much smoother.

In the case of taxidermied animals, the skins have a tendency to rot and deteriorate quickly, so the animal’s skin must be cleaned, softened, and preserved. This is usually done by soaking it in chemicals and salt and then air-drying it before mounting it on the form. But with your mentally ill loved one, the preservation process is much simpler! Your loved one has already been soaking in chemicals for years, and he will likely have been heavily salted with Lithium. His skin will already be soft and saggy, leaving only the cleaning process to be done.

The form is a rigid sculpture that the skin is placed over. Depending on the gender of your loved one and the desired look, forms can be nearly any shape, size, or pose. Most families choose forms that are in realistic poses, such as bent over awaiting the belt, or arms in defensive posture, blocking blows to the head. Others may want a more serene, chemically restrained, supine pose that will allow them to display the loved one in the back bedroom just as if he were still alive. You may even choose from our very popular coffee table display case. The options are plentiful!

Once the form is ready, a taxidermist will then stretch the skin onto it. This can be somewhat tricky, and a great deal of maneuvering is usually necessary. If needed, the taxidermist can call in psychiatric technicians to help force the carcass into position. Once positioned, the skin can then be attached to the form with staples, glue, or thread. After your loved one has been mounted, the final touches are then added. Paint might also be necessary to restore some color to the pasty carcass of a loved one who was too ill to be allowed sunlight and fresh air.

Due to the wide girth of the vast majority of our mentally ill loved ones, mounting their carcasses can be quite pricey. You may want to start setting some money aside now if you’ve already spent their college fund on failed treatments. Although costly to preserve and mount a mentally ill loved one, the cost of their freedom to abscond from psychiatric treatment is much, much greater. You will be able to enjoy countless hours gazing into their placid, plastic eyeballs without arguments, facial tics, a rolling tongue, or other unsightly tardive damages.

You will have finally reclaimed your loved one from the ravages of mental illness.

Consider taxidermy as yet another compassionate effort to improve the way we treat the mentally ill and their incurable, genetically transmitted, neurobiological, psychiatric brain disorders. Your loved one would thank you, if she could speak for herself.

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The Commitment Hour: Assisted Outpatient Suicide for the Seriously Mentally Ill

Tonight on this special Valentine’s Day edition of  The Commitment Hour, NamiDearest interviews our favorite NamiMommy about a special new treatment program for the seriously mentally ill. Advocates for the seriously mentally ill call this program, The Permanent Solution.

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Mental Illness Minute: Psychiatry is the Religion of Peace

Time for another Mental Illness Minute with our special news correspondent, Shock Girl.

Today, Shock Girl reports on the peace-making religion of Psychiatry. Please sign up for our NamiDearest Faithnet newsletter, and learn more about the faith-based medicine of psychiatry.

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It’s time for a National Mental Health Offender Registry!

We at NamiDearest have been highly concerned about our wandering mentally ill loved ones as well as those groups who refer to themselves as “survivors of psychiatry”, particularly those from the “antipsychiatry” factions. True to our cause, we have developed a plan to curtail the unacceptable freedoms bestowed upon these people by the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution.

Today, my fellow NamiDearests, we call for a National Mental Health Offender Registry, referred to from herein as the “MHOR“. The MHOR would be modeled upon the already existing National Sex Offender Registry, but it would not be limited to those who’ve been convicted of criminal offenses. A serious mental health offense exists by application of any diagnosis by a mental health clinician, and anyone so diagnosed would be included in the registry and monitored for compliance with a psychiatric treatment regimen. This is all about prevention!

You’re saying, “but this sounds very much like assisted outpatient treatment.” Well, it is, only better! We will register and track everyone who is diagnosed for treatment compliance, and the registry will be public, so we will all be able to identify the mentally ill in our neighborhoods, at work, school and in our social groups. This way we will know who to avoid while walking the dog, who should be laid off, and who should be suspended from classes BEFORE they do anything dangerous or crazy.

In addition, MHOR teams will take advantage of the latest technology, using GPS tracking and implantable microchips to easily locate runaway offenders and to store all of their psychiatric records on their (or I should say in their) person, to make it faster and more efficient for medical professionals to know who is faking medical problems for attention, or having neurotic symptoms rather than real medical needs. Those patients coming to the ED with a psychiatric history can be easily swept away for psychiatric evaluation, clearing the emergency beds for patients having real heart attacks and real pain. Mental health offenders will be required to report to a parole psychiatrist on a regular basis. Those violating psychiatric parole will be subject to involuntary commitment and other safety measures.

All mentally ill will carry microchip enhanced identification cards in place of the traditional forms of ID, which will be reserved for us, the mentally well. The program will utilize a National Instant Background Check service that can be implemented at every cash register, much like the way customers are currently carded for alcohol and cigarettes, but by entering the ID number, the cashier will alert the central registry that a mental health offender is attempting to purchase a sharp item, a poisonous item, vitamins and supplements, or an item containing caffeine, in addition to monitoring for alcohol and cigarette purchases. Those purchase attempts will be aborted instantly.

We are enlisting the support of the Canadian government in compiling a registry of their own mentally ill. Their national health insurance programs should make this nearly effortless. Mentally ill Canadians will be quickly detained at our borders, so that no new mentally ill can enter our homeland to use our services, steal our jobs and kill our people. Indeed, this important monitoring and detention is already underway.

The general public will feel more at peace, because they too will have access to the important identifying information. The public registry will look something like this:



First name: Jane                                                  

Middle name: B.

Last name: Crayze

Home Address
123 Sesame Street
Yahoo, VA 54321
Distance: Unknown miles
Other Address
Employer:  U.S. Federal Government
Address: Washington, D.C.
  Paid to be crazy
Distance: 25 miles


Keep your family safe. Check background information    on others who are around your family – babysitters, coaches, home contractors, camp counselors, new neighbors, anyone. Start  here.

daughter, sister, mother,  human being
Conviction date:   4/01/1975 Born alive, needy infant, physically abused, emotionally neglected, defective genes, bad brain. Offender’s age at conviction: Infant Conviction date: 5/10/1977Sexually Abused 1stOffender’s age at conviction: 2

Conviction date: 4/07/1989

Depressed, Suicidal, Borderline Personality Disorder

Offender’s age at conviction: 13

Conviction date: 5/23/1989

Incomplete suicide attempt, manipulative Borderline

Offender’s age at conviction: 14

Conviction date: 5/31/1992

Bipolar I, Borderline Personality Disorder

Offender’s age at conviction: 16

Conviction date: 3/05/1994

Incomplete suicide attempt, Bipolar I, Borderline Personality Disorder

Offender’s age at conviction: 19


Conviction date: 3/05/1995

Incomplete suicide attempt, Bipolar I, Borderline Personality Disorder

Offender’s age at conviction: 20

Convictions: 1995-2004

Multiple incomplete suicide attempts, Frequent flier, Self-injurious behavior, Bipolar I, Borderline Personality Disorder, Bad daughter, Debtor, Medication non-compliant, Anosognosia, Therapy failure, Menace to society, Leech, Life unworthy of life.


Non-compliant. On the run.

Source of Information: VA State Mental Health Offender Registry

Physical Characteristics
Gender: Hysterical female Race: Caucasian
Hair: Bleached blonde with dark roots Eye: Green
Height: 5’10” Weight: 150 lbs
DOB: April 1, 1975  
scars right and left wrists.



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Special guest, Psychiatrist Babs, reads “T’was the Night Before Commitment” to the Bipolar Child

Happy Holidays, NamiDearests! We know what a difficult season this can be for those of you suffering from time spent with your mentally ill relations. We at NamiDearest have partnered with Psychiatrist Babs to bring you this special holiday performance of T’was the Night Before Commitment. This endearing classic will warm the cockles of your cold, little hearts. Enjoy!


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NamiDearest Interviews Henny Penny, Former Director of Consumertocracy Affairs for the State of Confusion

Tonight on The Commitment Hour, our relentless advocate, NamiDearest, interviews Former Director of Consumertocracy Affairs for the State of Confusion, Henny Penny. Loved One Henny bravely volunteered to expose herself publicly to the stigma of her condition while trying to articulate for us her beliefs about her illness and the rights she feels that she and her fellow Consumertocrats are entitled to as severely mentally ill citizens.


From all of us at NamiDearest, We thank you, Loved One Henny. You are so smart for a mentally ill person!


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