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I love you Nami Dearest

Dale Milfay has tried everything to help her son Andre, everything except discussing his feelings with him while she was busy listening to President Bush give his State of the Union Address. Dale, like other NAMI mommies, knows that her son’s need to discuss his feelings is a symptom of his mental illness. On January […]

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We Can Eradicate Mental Illness

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Winston Churchill Based on our extensive knowledge of psychiatric brain illness and it’s genetic roots, NamiDearest proposes that this fine nation re-institute euthanasia, bringing an end to the suffering caused by mental illness. As compassionate advocates for the mentally ill, we must act […]

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How Can I Get My Pain-In-The-Ass Family Member Committed?

How can my I get my pain-in-the-ass family member committed? The above question is commonly raised by families seeking treatment chemical restraint and/or incarceration in a psychiatric facility for someone they love want to scapegoat, silence, control, publicly discredit, hide or get out of the way. Unfortunately, the reality of treatment in the United States, […]

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Inspirational Videos for Nami Parents

Here are two inspirational NAMI parent videos to get you started. Both are from the award-winning series from In this first clip, we see Brenda Chenowith arguing with her parents, both psychiatrists, about putting brother Billy away in an institution and giving him shock therapy. The Doctors Chenowith are basically former hippies in Gucci, who […]

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Welcome, Lazy Parents of NAMI!

Welcome to Nami Dearest, where we hope to help NAMI family members overcome their lazy streak. So get out of the Lazy Boy, get off your fat asses, and work it! It’s time to go NAMI and get your kids put away, where they belong!

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