A brain is a terrible thing to waste

Are you depressed? Strapped for cash? Don’t have any children? Not sure what you have to contribute to society?

We have a solution for you!

Give real meaning to your life (and death) by cashing in your mentally ill brain to the E. Fuller Torrey Brain Trust. Pay off your debts or leave your loved ones some extra cash. They may just want to redecorate that back bedroom when you’re gone.

High-profile NamiDearests such as DJ Jaffe and other supporters of forced psychiatric drugging laws such as Kendra’s Law,  believe that “this could be a way to get more brain tissue for schizophrenia research”. We agree.

Cadaver organ contracts are the brainchild of George Mason University economist and law professor Lloyd Cohen. Buying and selling human organs is against the law in this country, whether from live or dead bodies. Cohen believes this must change. His concise argument: “If you pay people for something, they will provide more of it.”

Cohen’s proposal to allow people to contract to sell their organs after they die, neatly gets around the main objection to legalizing the sale of organs:  that poor people would be tempted to cut themselves open for cash. Like life insurance, the money would go to their heirs or a designated charity. Kidneys could sell for $5,000, he speculates. Lungs, possibly $35,000.

Your mentally brain? Priceless!

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10 Responses to A brain is a terrible thing to waste

  1. Duane Sherry says:

    Nami Dearest,

    I’m new to this site, and I have a question…
    Actually, I think I already know the answer.

    The name of the site… The Excecutive Director of NAMI National, Michael Fitzpatrick… It must have been his idea, right? It somehow seems like a name he would come up with.

    He himself, is considered by many NAMI parents to be such a “dear”.
    In fact, I’m pretty sure Michael was dressed up as Dear Ole’ Santa at one of the malls here in Texas (a long way from Arlington, VA)…. but, it’s not unlike him to go the extra miles (several miles in this case) to get more kids on mind-altering drugs….

    Yeah, it sure looked like Michael Fitzpatrick (with the beard, the enormous stomach)… In fact, I’m sure it was him, because he had the kids sitting on his lap, telling them how important it was that they distinguish between the “Just so No” campaigns at schools, and the mind-altering drugs that are legal.

    “Just take them” he would tell each of the kids, as they sat on his lap… “They’re good for you.”… “In fact, I think I might have some samples in my toy bag.” … “Oh well, I thought I did… “I’ll have to talk with the Rep from Pfeizer… “Oh, I mean, I’ll have to talk with the elves at the North Pole about making more for next year.”

    Jolly ole’ Michael Fitzpatrick… That’s who’s behind this site, right ‘Nami Dearest’…
    He must be so proud of you!

    Be sure and tell Michael that Duane Sherry said “Hi” next time you see him, and that “Friends don’t let friends join NAMI” is just an expression I like to use, that’s all…

    .And that I hope that he can take the future investigations by U.S. attorneys in stride… They’re just gonna be doing their jobs, and he might enjoy federal prison… with the right attitude (He has such a great attitude).

    He should be able to get passed any hurt that so many people are angry at his promoting drugs off-label… After all, it’s the holiday season, and he’s a ole soul!

    Ho, Ho, Ho
    HA, HA, HA !!!

    Duane Sherry

    • NamiDearest says:

      Oh, no Mr. Sherry. Michael has nothing to do with this site. As we all know…NAMI parents are lazy. We’re a totally grassroots organization here to help makes the lives of NAMI parents much easier!

      And welcome to our site. I hope you find it useful.


  2. Duane Sherry says:

    Nami Dearest,

    There were some pretty obvious typo’s in my last comment…
    I suppose it was due to being so excited… to have found this site!

    Wow…. What a site… Michael Fitzpatrick has to be so proud of you!
    Keep up the great work!


  3. Duane Sherry says:


    Our messages crossed (didn’t see yours before the last comment)..

    Of course you’re grassroots!

    NAMI defines grassroots… What was I thinking about… Daaahhhh.

    Well, you outta be pretty darned proud of yourself for having put this site together,
    Nami “Grassroots” Dearest!

    Duane Sherry

    • NamiDearest says:

      Indeed! We are very proud. And as soon as our roots start to show their true colors, we’ll be dying them green again. ;o)

  4. NamiDearest says:

    (I boil large amounts of Pharma $$$ to extract our root dye)

  5. Duane Sherry says:


    You should have lots and lots of Pharma $$$ to boil…
    Thanks to the “parity” legislation that was slipped into a bailout bill at the 11th hour…
    Talk about a NAMI “dream-come-true”!


    Now that “mental illness” is being seen as equivalent to any other physical health condition, “parity” has become the status-quo…
    Drugs paid for by insurance companies, the taxpayer, anyone… everyone.

    As it should be of course.
    Who cares if they work or not, or whether they cause more harm than good?

    It’s the principle of the matter.
    NAMI worked hard to pass “parity” legislation, and got it done, by God!
    The Pharma companies earned those greenbacks you’re gonna be boiling!

    They had to pay for a lot of propaganda with their own money.
    They got it the old-fashioned way…. They earned it.
    And of course, so does NAMI (earn it, I mean)….

    Happy boiling!


  6. susan says:

    Dear NAMI,

    Have you seen NAMI’s latest spokesperson? I think I am in deep mourning, I love this actor.


  7. etacovdA says:

    NAMI Dearest — President Obama has selected this big pHARMa lobbyist to be his Chief of Staff. I’m so glad Obama is anti-special interest groups, lobbyists, and political affiliations! Isn’t it wonderful to know even the President of the United States supports what’s going on with pharmaceuticals? I’m betting parents can farm their kids out even faster to psychiatry!! Wow, with a voice like his in the White House, we can leave no child behind, yay!


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