This is not the treatment the mentally ill deserve

The restraint and beating of the mentally ill should not be left to law enforcement. Psychiatric patients should be restrained and beaten AND medicated in a therapeutic mental health facility by trained psychiatric medical professionals.

We at Nami Dearest advocate relentlessly to bring about new laws that will make psychiatric incarceration possible for more of our severely annoying mentally ill loved ones than ever before.

If this young lady’s parents had been enable to incarcerate her in a psychiatric hospital for her manipulative Borderline behaviors such as refusing to shower, the police never would have had to restrain her to the point of losing consciousness. Clearly, she is a danger to herself.

I ask you, how many mentally ill people (or women) have to cause law enforcement to assault and/or kill them before we allow NAMI families the unrestricted right to lovingly intervene and remove their sick kin from our streets to the safety of the hospital seclusion room?

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  1. sizzlerguy says:

    My schizophrenogenic 83 year old SENILE NAMI mother deployed Nami armies after me twice. Once in 1999 and again in 2008. They are relentless. Always deploying police, always responding to neighbors false police reports with armies of NAMI police. I really wonder how I’ve survived this long now that I realize how much cultist radical feminism is involved in this organization.

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