EDP! EDP! The Consumertocracy runs amok in the streets of Albany!

Fellow NamiDearests,

We bring you an emergency broadcast. On 1-11-11, the consumertocracy  descended upon Albany with their ranting, unreasonable requests for human rights. They thronged  the streets brandishing large, orange inflatable weapon-type thingies, beating on street signs and generally disrupting the status quo.  Watch the startling footage from their public rampage:

They forced their way into the New York State Egg, Capitol, Legislative Office Building and held the entire room captive, claiming their time has come, threatening to make changes and use their voices to declare their right to choose their neighbors, live in the communities they want to live in, to have safe affordable housing and not live in institutions. They were belligerent and aggressive, speaking in an angry, terse manner that was beyond the normal frustrated tones that patients might express, speaking about the current mental health system in a derogatory manner. They demanded alternative care and autonomy in decision-making, altogether inciting a social uprising. They pronounced the right to be parents and have children and KEEP those children! It was utterly alarming. These dangerous “psychiatric survivors” as they call themselves, assert that they are  human and demand the rights afforded to the rest of us. Darby Penney, a very troublesome advocate of the “psychiatric survivor” movement went so far as to declare that NAMI doesn’t speak for them, saying that the mental health system traumatizes and retraumatizes those in its care. *clutching my pearls*

Watch for yourself as the horror unfolds, but be warned…this is not for the faint of  NamiDearest heart.

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14 Responses to EDP! EDP! The Consumertocracy runs amok in the streets of Albany!

  1. Emma Goldman says:

    Dear NAMI dearest,
    I’m so glad I was able to drive you to clutch your pearls in horror. Please let me know how I can be of further service in that department.

  2. Emma Goldman says:

    Tsk, tsk…turning over furniture is so unlady-like.

  3. Gina DeLuca says:

    NAMI Dearest —

    “descended upon Albany with their ranting, unreasonable requests for human rights”

    You haven’t been paying attention — again. As usual. Like Always. These weren’t *requests* for HUMAN RIGHTS.

  4. Moron says:

    I truly and deeply hope that you will have the very same treatment for having a different opinion, tied up, drugged and locked up for being black and white. That is a psychiatric problem, did you know? Thinking in B&W terms, make sure they don’t get you darlin’ (but I think you do, since you love to see it happen to others! When it happens to you and ends up on the internet, please link us!) I suppose you’d like to over feed your diabetic child, mother or any family member. OD them, cause clearly you cannot handle a damn thing. Inject them with 100x the insulin, they will NEVER bother We’d just love to watch!) Also if you OD your diabetic family member or friend, feel free to link that as well. We’d all just love to watch the torture! Especially if it involves you. I like nothing better than some real life experiments!
    Yay so get back asap, I’ll bookmark you love!

    • NamiDearest says:

      Oh my, why did they let such an angry, threatening, violent patient out of the institution? Canada’s commitment criteria must be weak. It’s time for a NAMI Canada!

  5. Moron says:

    By the way, I have spoken to them. They in fact do not like people such as yourself. You promote violence and ignorance. I see nothing good in that. Feel free to ask a “mentally ill” person how they truly feel. We are all humans, and society tells us how we OUGHT to be. Why can’t we just work together? Why promote human abuse, when we can promote human acceptance?

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