We have a new poster child, Jared Lee Loughner! Happy day!

Party TimeWell, we certainly don’t want to express joy over a sad tragedy. But our friends and colleagues, including DJ Jaffe, E Fuller Torrey and Sally Satel were reportedly seen at a party last night making toasts and partying until sunrise.

Our inside source said Jaffe was wearing a bright pink party hat and raising his glass to the alleged shooter in the Arizona shooting spree.

“Yes, it’s sad that people had to die,” the source reported that Jaffe said, “but this is a happy, happy day. We have another crazy shooter whose name we can use when advocating for relaxed commitment laws.”

The source said the group gathered in a circle, DJ sat in the middle with his drum, and they prayed for those blaming Tea Partiers to all drop dead of heart attacks.

“Amen,” DJ said, according to our source. “Let the good times roll!”

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  1. Mark p.s.2 says:

    Find a sane murderer, a sane rapist, a sane thief, any kind of sane criminal. How else does SCIENCE explain the behavior of lawlessness?
    Science has explained how the natural world works, and kind of killed the magic of good-God. With the knowledge of how it works.

    Science can explain the good, but it can not explain the Devil-Evil.

    Science killed God, but left the D-evil behind.

    Mental illness can not be cured by a magical pill, that magically makes people “good” instead of “bad”.
    But thats the religion of science for you.

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