NamiDearest Interviews BJ Daffy on The Commitment Hour

Join your gracious host, NamiDearest as she and mental illness policy hero, BJ Daffy tackle the growing problem of the Consumertocracy and discuss ways to get around the annoying rights of the mentally ill. We prefer to talk about them without them.

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25 Responses to NamiDearest Interviews BJ Daffy on The Commitment Hour

  1. Moss Bliss says:

    How come BJ Daffy is naked? Is this a metaphor for the psychiatric drug industry?

  2. Moss Bliss says:

    Wonderful. Thank you. I’d go take my drugs now, but haven’t had any for over 7 years.

  3. DJ Jaffe says:

    If BJ Daffy won’t respond to the invite he didn’t get, maybe everyone can go and see here: http://tucsonroundtable.eventbrite.cum/ if he’s brave enough to show up!
    BJ Daffy

  4. Emma Goldman says:

    I saw the videotape – Mr. Daffy was definitely invited to debate by Lauren Tenney and Daniel Hazen – and Harvey Rosenthal appeared in the video as a witness to this invitation.
    If Mr. Daffy would likem a formal written invitation, I’m sure my colleagues Tenney & Hazen would be happy to follow up with one!

  5. Emma Goldman says:

    We are a kind and peaceful people who eat right, excercise, meditate, do yoga, and cultivate compassion for all sentient beings.

  6. Dennis Whetsel says:

    Mr Daffy is “cuckoo for coco puffs”! At least Mommy believes in cosmetics, especially lipsticks tested on formerly fluffy Easter Bunnies.

  7. Gina DeLuca says:

    Dear NAMI Dearest — I believe we need to take an active role here and send the Deej letters/postcards/ communique stating how we look forward to the debate he was so clearly invited to via Lauren Tenney and Dan Hazen. Would you please post an address for him so we can each speak for ourselves? Thanks.

  8. DJ Jaffe says:

    Daffy’s at it again! Do you believe this guy?

    • NamiDearest says:

      You’re not very bright, DJ. LMAO! Perhaps you’re experiencing frontal lobe atrophy from your psych drugs.

  9. Duane Sherry says:


    Jaffe needs to lay-off the pork and beans…
    For a moment, I thought I was watching an episode from ‘Blazing Saddles’.

    What’s up with the underwear?
    Jaffe’s doc must have added some seroquel to his depression treatment.

    Duane Sherry

  10. Emma Goldman says:

    Why is Mr. Daffy talking about himself in the third person?

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