Update on recent Consumertocracy threats to public safety!

Fellow NamiDearests,

We recently brought you the startling footage of the Consumertocracy running amok in the streets of Albany, and it seems their threats just keep rolling in.

On March 2, 2011, menacing Consumertocracy leaders confronted and practically assaulted our brave mental illness policy hero, D.J. Jaffe as he made his way to testify at a joint budget hearing on Mental Hygiene in front of the New York State Legislature. Although, he was shaken, hair tousled, having difficulty articulating his words and comprehending the barrage of questions and information, he stood his ground and graciously attempted to communicate with these alleged “psychiatric survivors” in order to keep the situation from escalating to previous levels of chaos.

Thanks to D.J. Jaffe’s quick thinking and superb negotiation skills, no one got thrown off a subway platform at the event.

Will the brave Mr. Jaffe debate these Consumertocracy leaders? It’s too soon to tell. He did, however, decline the invitation to play in the Consumertocracy drumming circle.

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19 Responses to Update on recent Consumertocracy threats to public safety!

  1. Emma Goldman says:

    He seemed drugged.

  2. Becky Murphy says:

    He appears to still be depressed, I wonder if he has talked to his doctor about Abilify?

  3. Emma Goldman says:

    I don’t see how the poor thing could debate anyone in that condition.

    • NamiDearest says:

      Yes, I am sure he’s exhausted from his fearless testimony and the whole Consumertocracy confrontation.

  4. Emma Goldman says:

    I do believe he was afraid of those un-drugged mental patients.

  5. Gina DeLuca says:

    Jaffe needs to add seroquel to that anti-depressant.

  6. etacovdA says:

    Arianna needs to buy him a bar of soap, he’s one greasy looking dude.

    • NamiDearest says:

      Yes, he is a bit dirty and disheveled. Someone else should be acting in his best interest.

    • Bob Olcott says:

      Is this the same D.J. Jaffe, who used to be on the NAMI board; who wrote that off-the-wall commentary in Arianna (Whoreanna?) Huffington’s supposed “Post”, about the Alternatives 2010 conference? Does he still suffer from the delusion that only he is fit to set public policy on “Mental Illness”?? (Anyone know his “credentials”?)
      I hope the ISTSS Journalist members will take him to task for his coverage of the Alternatives 2010 conference. I concur with EtacovdA, that Arianna needs to buy him some soap–his compliance with his ADL routine seems inadequate. Perhaps he needs an “Assessment”.
      I hope Senator Grassley’s committee will advise the IRS to review NAMI’s non-profit status, since the committee learned NAMI covertly lobbied to ease restrictions on off-label marketing-on behalf of a coalition of Ten For-Profit Pharmaceutical companies!!!!

      • NamiDearest says:

        Yes, it is the same Jaffe, Mr. Olcott! Isn’t that wonderful? He also helped found the Forced Treatment Advocacy Center and has a “mentally ill” sister-in-law.

        When not advocating for people with “serious mental illness”, DJ takes his Zoloft and serves as CEO of his own retirement. His responsibilities include looking for his reading glasses; debating whether to eat-sleep-snack or snack-eat-sleep; walking the mutt; putting a stack of papers in alphabetical order, then deciding chronological order is best, then alphabetizing again, commiserating with friends who work; partying with those who don’t; telling his wife who works he was way too busy to empty dishwasher or take a shower. He hopes to keep that job until he dies. But in the past, he worked in the advertising biz, so he is totally qualified to spread lies, disinformation and propaganda. That makes him the perfect man for the job!

        • Bob Olcott says:

          Dearest Nami,
          Thanks for the Update on D.J. Jaffe. I pity his sister-in-law.
          I hope the Senate Finance Committee will make its evidence of (non-profit) NAMI’s Covert Lobbying to ease restrictions on off-label marketing on behalf of Ten (For-Profit) Pharmaceutical companies, available to the IRS as they (IRS) review non-profit filings!

  7. Ruby says:

    I think DJ Jaffe needs to worry about his own personal hygiene budget before he goes running to testify about the mental hygiene budget.

  8. DJ Jaffe says:

    Dear NAMI Dearest:

    Gosh. It sounded like- in the 7 seconds of Nixonian missing tape- that BJ Daffy might have said, “I think we’ll have to agree to disagree”. But as you pointed out, his hair was a mess and he is not well-spoken, so who knows?

    Your secret admirer

    • NamiDearest says:

      You can disagree all you want. but they aren’t going to stop, and they have more at stake, DJ. We need to have them all committed.

  9. Kendrita says:

    Mr Daffy, you may NOT invoke the term mastectomy. This is a term reserved for women. Unless of course you have had breast cancer yourself, but from the picture, looks like your boobies are intact.

    Saying anything about female problems is like using the N word…okay for African Americans, not okay for white boyz. So shut your hole. Come up with a new analogy.

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