Locate your mentally ill loved ones anytime, anywhere.

NamiLok8 is a leading grassroots innovator and provider of products and services that address the expanding personal monitoring market and provide enhanced control and peace-of-mind to the modern mobile family and friends of the mentally ill.

Today, in our busy lives, it is one of our greatest fears that a mentally ill loved one, child or adult, will get out of the back bedroom or basement, stray away and get lost.

All too often we hear about mentally ill adult children that are wandering off to other states to avoid their AOT orders, quitting their medications and preferring to be alone even if that means homelessness. NamiDearests are finding themselves in a difficult situation for which they are unable to summon help from law enforcement in order to locate and commit their loved ones to the haven of a locked psychiatric facility for a healing chemical lobotomy and safe, modern electroshock.

NamiLok8 is making use of state-of-the-art positioning technologies and has its own patented cell ID algorithm that gives an approximate location through GSM which is then refined to within 3 meters when a GPS fix is possible. This unique feature allows indoor and outdoor positioning as well as a quick approximate location of your mentally ill friend or family member.

NamiLok8‘s location based products functions as the ideal dragnet, quickly and accurately identifying a mentally ill person’s location.

NamiLok8‘s flagship products, fu.mom8+ and No-Freedom are the world’s first and smallest GPS locators, designed exclusively to address the wandering mentally ill adults and children at-risk market and to provide personal family and friends enhanced monitoring and control. For only $500.00 more, we can implant this GPS device into your mentally ill loved one.

The GPS locators have been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind and are accessible at home, abroad or on holiday from a computer or mobile phone. Each GPS implant comes with the added bonus of the Shock-and–Awe feature. Designed for use with children and teens, the shock device can be remotely activated to prevent your loved one from leaving the house or yard. A gentle, but painfully uncomfortable shock will remind your mentally ill loved one exactly who is the master of your domain. Some scholarships are available through SUMISA, the federal Substance Use and Mental Illness Services Administration. Tell SUMISA the story of your wandering loved one, and see if you qualify for extra help.

Happy Tracking!

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  1. Dieter Schprocket says:

    This is some of the best news I’ve heard in years!! I have TWO mentally ill children, both daughters. One is schizoaffective and the other is bipolar plus ADHD.

    The schizoaffective is fairly compliant, now that we’ve had her put away in a state hospital for her own safety. She’s much happier there, and enjoys game night. She had gone off her medications, but now her doctor gives her an injection of Haldol, which lasts two weeks. It has helped her so much, as have the other medications she now takes with a smile. She knows it’s helping her have a better life.

    My other girl, little Helga (we are of German ancestry, and like to keep our culture going), keeps running away. The medications help her…when she takes them. We studied some videos on You Tube where they showed how to medicate your cats and dogs, and found these techniques to be helpful.

    Free tip to parents: one parent hold the child down, the other parent, put a dab of Vaseline on the eraser end of a pencil, then stick the pill to the glob. Then simply pop the pencil towards the back of the throat. Works like a charm!

    Little Helga keeps running off, despite how much we love her. We once found her dancing around with some hippies in the forest. (A friend of hers was hiking and saw them, then called us, and we went and got her.) She said she just wanted to give peace a chance, and I said “That’s the mental illness talking, my precious Helga. You can’t help yourself.”

    So this product is a dream come true for us. I’ve already discussed it with the wife, and we are going to get the implantable model. The wristwatch model is cute, and she might think it’s a fashion accessory, but I need a product that is foolproof.

    I’ve gone on too long, here. I’m just so happy to have found this wonderful site, and like-minded parents who put their kids’ safety first. I’m so happy, I think I’ll put on my short pants and do a polka with the wife.

    Guten tag.


  2. Fantastic! My son killed himself 15 days after being prescribed prozac. He had no diagnosis of any mental disorder before he died but afterwards, when I was being a naughty mummy and saying the drugs killed him, a team of psychiatrists magically discovered he had multiple disorders! I wonder if this device would help me locate him and bring him home. He’s only 17 and I miss him very much.

  3. Emma Goldman says:

    Why don’t you people just chain up your “loved ones” in the backyard? Why spend all this money on electronic gadgets?

  4. NamiDearest says:

    We have to keep up a veneer of compassion, Ms. Goldman. MANY families have opted for Invisible Fencing for pets. This too, makes sense. And besides, SUMISA is offering grants.

  5. jake says:

    Dear NamiDearest,

    I have recently quit taking benzos and mood stabilizers to control my low moods and flights of fancy. I was reluctant to do so until I found out that being struck in the head with a bag of oranges had virtually the same effect as my medications with the added bonus of getting my daily dose of vitamin C.
    These microchips sound wonderful, my concern is that they will interfere with my microwave, should I be worried.

    regards “Crazy in Canada”

  6. Devoted Mama says:

    Oh for crying out loud. These liberal do gooders and their civil rights yammering have caused my child, who attends Ross Grade School in St. Louis, to lose her Polar Active monitor. I was eagerly monitoring little Christy for depression and bad eating habits. She likes to sneak Twinkies, and then gets depressed about it. I have her on Paxil, Zyprexa and Abilify, but they haven’t curbed her appetite for junk food. It’s a cycle of misery.

    Now it’s going to get worse because they’ve removed the devices:


    I am so outraged.

  7. Steven Periard says:

    I don’t have children but if I did I would certainly use this fine product. It’s good to know that in this world of dog eat gluten-free dog parents are getting the support they need. It’s not easy raising a child, so I’ve heard. It’s all the more difficult when you have to give love and nurturing to your dependents while juggling real life-issues like whether or not the Governor is going to finally get his on next season’s Walking Dead. And why the hell did they kill Angela? Bastards!

  8. Dr zoobia ramzan says:

    I want to know is this facility available in Pakistan Karachi.

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