EDP! EDP! The Consumertocracy runs amok in the streets of Albany!

Fellow NamiDearests,

We bring you an emergency broadcast. On 1-11-11, the consumertocracy  descended upon Albany with their ranting, unreasonable requests for human rights. They thronged  the streets brandishing large, orange inflatable weapon-type thingies, beating on street signs and generally disrupting the status quo.  Watch the startling footage from their public rampage:

They forced their way into the New York State Egg, Capitol, Legislative Office Building and held the entire room captive, claiming their time has come, threatening to make changes and use their voices to declare their right to choose their neighbors, live in the communities they want to live in, to have safe affordable housing and not live in institutions. They were belligerent and aggressive, speaking in an angry, terse manner that was beyond the normal frustrated tones that patients might express, speaking about the current mental health system in a derogatory manner. They demanded alternative care and autonomy in decision-making, altogether inciting a social uprising. They pronounced the right to be parents and have children and KEEP those children! It was utterly alarming. These dangerous “psychiatric survivors” as they call themselves, assert that they are  human and demand the rights afforded to the rest of us. Darby Penney, a very troublesome advocate of the “psychiatric survivor” movement went so far as to declare that NAMI doesn’t speak for them, saying that the mental health system traumatizes and retraumatizes those in its care. *clutching my pearls*

Watch for yourself as the horror unfolds, but be warned…this is not for the faint of  NamiDearest heart.

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We have a new poster child, Jared Lee Loughner! Happy day!

Party TimeWell, we certainly don’t want to express joy over a sad tragedy. But our friends and colleagues, including DJ Jaffe, E Fuller Torrey and Sally Satel were reportedly seen at a party last night making toasts and partying until sunrise.

Our inside source said Jaffe was wearing a bright pink party hat and raising his glass to the alleged shooter in the Arizona shooting spree.

“Yes, it’s sad that people had to die,” the source reported that Jaffe said, “but this is a happy, happy day. We have another crazy shooter whose name we can use when advocating for relaxed commitment laws.”

The source said the group gathered in a circle, DJ sat in the middle with his drum, and they prayed for those blaming Tea Partiers to all drop dead of heart attacks.

“Amen,” DJ said, according to our source. “Let the good times roll!”

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Hoarding…the brain disorder that can strike anyone

“The disease is in the brain! We need brains!” ~ E. Fuller Torrey

Today on NamiDearest, we would like to call attention to the very serious mental illness known as “hoarding”. Many of you may be aware of this disease due to the A&E television series, Hoarders. Others of you may even know, or have been personally affected by a hoarder and his/her disease.

Hoarding is a biological brain disorder just like all other mental illnesses. Sure, we hear these people speak of having grown up in poverty, having suffered serious childhood “traumas”, having lost children and spouses, but those stressful events simply trigger the activation of the hoarding gene which all of us carry. The disease of hoarding is nothing to be ashamed of. We must raise awareness of this serious biological illness.

How many of you are aware that our beloved Dr. E. Fuller Torrey suffers from this serious disorder known as “hoarding”? Yes, it’s true! Dr, Torrey has a particularly severe case of hoarding due to a rare mutation in his hoarding gene, causing him to suffer from a brain hoarding brain illness. He has no insight into his disease, and this common among those with the hoarding illness.

When E. Fuller Torrey arrives at work at 7 a.m., the first thing he does is check on his brains. Getting more brains is pretty much all Dr. Torrey can think about. He’s been quoted as saying, “We won’t be getting any brains in the mail today,” … ”They don’t mail them over the weekend. We’ll probably get some fresh brains Fed Exed tomorrow.” He has even set up his own “brain bank” with the financial assistance of  Ted Stanley. In addition, Dr, Torrey has been known to go so far as stealing the brains of the mentally ill to satisfy his brain-lust. The hoarding disease has not spared this great man from its ravages.

The brain bank is central to his grand plan. In 1994, he began contacting medical examiners’ offices and has since built a national network that collects brains of mentally ill people who died in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, from suicide and heart failure, in car crashes and fires. Torrey has employed a half-dozen pathologists around the country, paying them as much as $100,000 a year, to work full-time hunting brains. Within 48 hours of death, the brain is frozen at minus-70 degrees and shipped to Torrey. ”We’re up to 226 brains,” Torrey says. ”We have 44 freezers here just full of brain.” While Torrey uses some tissue samples himself, most are distributed free to researchers worldwide. ”Scientists historically have not shared their sources,” says Dr. Stanley J. Watson, a University of Michigan professor who leased a truck in December to pick up 20,000 brain sections from Torrey’s lab.

Back in 1998, Dr. Torrey was almost certain he would find a cure for schizophrenia within 5 to 10 years, claiming he would die happy if he did. For now, he’ll just have to settle for the comfort of his brain collection and his inflated god-status, but some day, we at NamiDearest are sure that Dr. Torrey will go down in the annals of the great psychiatric healers such as Ugo Cerletti, Egas Moniz, Walter Freeman, and Henry Cotton.

By virtue of his medical degree, Dr. Torrey has been able to live a productive life, spawning numerous pseudoscientific and propagandist books and papers, and going so far as to found the Treatment Advocacy Center to assist himself with obtaining as many brains as possible through removal of the civil and human rights of those labeled with “serious mental illness”. This is a hoarder turned hero. If you haven’t already donated your brain to Dr. Torrey’s cause, you may do so here.

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Helping your mentally ill family member or friend

Here at Nami Dearest, we’re not really crazy about giving a voice to alternate views. But this guest editorial, by someone who wishes to protect the anonymity of her friends, is by someone who has some blackmail material on me. So in the interest of not having certain dirty secrets go public, I present a serious editorial by Ms. X.

Helping your mentally ill family member
by Ms. X

For the first time, I am truly looking at “mental illness” from the perspective of a caregiver, a concerned friend of a woman I’ve cared about for over 15 years. I can genuinely say I get it now. I understand the fear, the frustration, and that inability to fix my friend with a magic bullet.

I have empathy and perhaps a touch of solidarity with NAMI folks. But in the end, it has absolutely reinforced my belief that NAMI types (NAMI parents, Kendra’s Law soldiers, DJ Jaffe, Torrey, Satel and friends) want the easiest way out, and they want a clear conscience.

Let’s look at my friend’s situation. I’ll call her Sophie. She would be a typical NAMI subject: she was diagnosed with various mental illnesses in the prime of her life. Her family didn’t know what to do with her, so they had her put into a psych ward against her will. They tried drugs, which didn’t work, and then they tried electroshock. That didn’t do much good, either. Continue reading

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A brain is a terrible thing to waste

Are you depressed? Strapped for cash? Don’t have any children? Not sure what you have to contribute to society?

We have a solution for you!

Give real meaning to your life (and death) by cashing in your mentally ill brain to the E. Fuller Torrey Brain Trust. Pay off your debts or leave your loved ones some extra cash. They may just want to redecorate that back bedroom when you’re gone.

High-profile NamiDearests such as DJ Jaffe and other supporters of forced psychiatric drugging laws such as Kendra’s Law,  believe that “this could be a way to get more brain tissue for schizophrenia research”. We agree.

Cadaver organ contracts are the brainchild of George Mason University economist and law professor Lloyd Cohen. Buying and selling human organs is against the law in this country, whether from live or dead bodies. Cohen believes this must change. His concise argument: “If you pay people for something, they will provide more of it.”

Cohen’s proposal to allow people to contract to sell their organs after they die, neatly gets around the main objection to legalizing the sale of organs:  that poor people would be tempted to cut themselves open for cash. Like life insurance, the money would go to their heirs or a designated charity. Kidneys could sell for $5,000, he speculates. Lungs, possibly $35,000.

Your mentally brain? Priceless!

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“Candy is dandy but Zyprexa is quicker”

Unfortunately, we can’t legally give our children liquor. We can, however, give them doctor prescribed psychotropics.

We at NamiDearest understand how difficult it can be to force pills down your young child’s throat. This can interfere with family functioning and cause a great amount of stress for all involved. Delivering psychotropic medications by injection is not usually an option at home, and well, I think we’d all prefer to avoid delivering psychotropics to them rectally. You never know when those little buggers are going to make…umm…accusations. Better to make a game out of taking meds…

How can I make a game out of taking medications, you ask?

Well, every family needs some quality time. Set aside an evening for “family game night”. Sit down at your kitchen table with several bags of assorted hard candies and glasses of water for each member of the family. You’ll also need a pen or pencil and a pad of paper for tallying scores. After watching this video below, take turns swallowing the candies. Once everyone is able to swallow the candies, pass out 30 candies to each player. Let the fun begin! Whomever can swallow all their candies first, wins!

*Remember, it’s never safe to take candy from strangers. But if mommy and daddy or the doctor gives you candy, it’s okay.*

Once the whole family has mastered the art of swallowing candy “pills”, you can all graduate to swallowing psychotropic cocktails.

The family that medicates together, stays together.

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This is not the treatment the mentally ill deserve

The restraint and beating of the mentally ill should not be left to law enforcement. Psychiatric patients should be restrained and beaten AND medicated in a therapeutic mental health facility by trained psychiatric medical professionals.

We at Nami Dearest advocate relentlessly to bring about new laws that will make psychiatric incarceration possible for more of our severely annoying mentally ill loved ones than ever before.

If this young lady’s parents had been enable to incarcerate her in a psychiatric hospital for her manipulative Borderline behaviors such as refusing to shower, the police never would have had to restrain her to the point of losing consciousness. Clearly, she is a danger to herself.

I ask you, how many mentally ill people (or women) have to cause law enforcement to assault and/or kill them before we allow NAMI families the unrestricted right to lovingly intervene and remove their sick kin from our streets to the safety of the hospital seclusion room?

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Need some extra cash?

Got kids?


Then I think we at Nami Dearest can help you out!

Many parents already know the psychological benefits of psychiatrizing their troublesome offspring, and now even more are catching on to the financial benefits.

Did you know that you can sell your children to psychiatry for approximately $700 a month per each labeled child? I know. I know…it sounds too good to be true. But it is entirely true!

So maybe you haven’t been a perfect parent. You’re only human, right? Here at Nami Dearest, we understand your dilemma. Many parents forget to feed the baby while shooting up. And yes, it is hard to change a diaper when you have to harvest your crops on Farmville. Those crops don’t wait for babies. We all know that. We know it’s tough to get along with the new boyfriend or spouse when you have a child and another baby daddy to deal with.  Children…they just need and need and want and want. They’re moody and demanding and dependent. It’s enough to make you want to slap the crap out the little darlings, no?

Have no fear. Psychiatry can help with a wide array of labels and chemical straight-jackets. Putting vodka in the baby bottle is illegal, but you can get a doctor-approved alternative, such as liquid Risperdal…and you may even get a few bucks in your pocket while you’re at it. Don’t worry about bothersome side-effects. The FDA says it’s safe.

So, you want to know more?

If you want to earn a few extra bucks to cover those acrylic nails or a few drinks out on the town once in awhile, don’t walk…RUN to the nearest psychiatrist and get your little monster evaluated today. A simple ADHD label and a prescription for Ritalin, Strattera or Focalin will have you on the way to Supplemental Security Income AND Medicaid in no time.  Give your child a few weeks on the psychiatric meth, and then return for a follow up with the psychiatrist.

At this point, describe your child’s sleeplessness, incontinence, emotional volatility and hallucinations. Your child will then very likely qualify for the child bipolar label. This is exactly what you want. Okay? You will leave with a prescription for Clonidine and maybe some Depakote and some Seroquel or Abilify or Invega. Perfect. It’s official. Your child has a psychiatric brain illness that will follow a life-long course of disability, and as long as they live with you and/or you are the representative payee, you can cash in on that.

But won’t they examine my child first, via lab tests and brain imaging techniques, you ask?

No. There are no blood tests, genetic tests or brain imaging techniques to verify mental illness. Get your child labeled, and run on down to your nearest Social Security Administration office and malinger away! It’s the new American way in these tough economic times.

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Traveling for the holidays may cause severe mental illness

Severe mental illness and traveling for the holidays

For many families, the holidays frequently mean a time for travel, as well as a great deal of stressful arguments and an increase in depression and suicide with as loved ones start flying in from around the country, rendering ineffective the “geographical cure”.

Unfortunately travel, especially flying, has become more and more difficult due to our government fear-mongers who work daily to convince you that you must give up your civil rights to be safe from The Terrorists.

This is especially true difficult for families whose loved one‘s behavior and/or appearance may be symptomatic or otherwise struggling with a severe mental illness an embarrassment in public, the likes of which may inadvertently draw the attention of airport security screeners who enjoy feeling up passengers and delaying travel plans, just because they can. As always, advance preparation is essential.

Here are some questions to make sure you have answered before you travel:

Do you have your CARE kit packed? Documented medical history Incriminating evidence on file, a list of treatment preferences that will give your loved one the illusion that you are actually going to abide by them, and lists of medications that have been useful in chemically restraining your loved one in the past are essential information to have if you’re dealing with an emergency going to want to lock up your loved one while outside of your home state. You may also wish to purchase one of these humane and stylish safety harnesses for your loved one. It will clip easily to your apron strings.

Have you spoken to your loved one’s treatment providers to get their advice, even without your loved one’s permission? Some obvious issues to address include ensuring your loved one has enough medication to keep him chemically restrained for the trip and prescription refills, but it’s equally important to discuss things like going through security at an airport, where your mentally ill loved one might need to be tasered, hog-tied or shot by the well-trained federal security forces. Be certain to plan ahead to reduce the stress of numerous family needing to arrange for involuntary commitments while out of state by knowing how to effectively override those annoying civil rights your seriously mentally ill loved one is still allowed by our conservative, freedom-loving government leaders.

If you are traveling to another state, make sure to learn as much as you can about their treatment commitment process. For example, if a crisis was were to occur be created or triggered at a loving family gathering for some odd reason, would you know what that state’s emergency treatment laws require you to say in order to commit your loved one and how the process works? Laws vary widely from state to state. Never assume that what works in one will automatically work in another. Plan ahead for visits to the few states that still allow a modicum of civil rights and patient privacy.

It never hurts your cause to call the local NAMI chapter in the area to which you’re traveling. In creating a crisis situation, having a contact that is familiar with the process and players in a state can be very beneficial. Failing that option, one can always fall back on the tried and true.

Never assume that judicial determinations, treatment orders, or conservatorships will automatically be enforced in different states. In fact, they normally don’t aren’t. It pays to speak to someone knowledgeable in your state before you leave; again advance preparation is essential. You don’t want to get stuck somewhere far from home where your loved one might escape your death-grip and run off with his/her rights in hand.

Have you thought about the added complications created by air travel marshalls? We have heard from far too many families who end up with a loved one essentially “stuck” in a state, not sick enough to meet that state’s commitment criteria, but far too disruptive ill to safely navigate air travel to be allowed to live in these times of Big Fascist Terror.

You are on Severe Alert level!

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Ancient Families of the Mentally Ill:Back when tragedies weren’t preventable with meds…

The untimely death of Jesus of Nazareth may have been prevented if his severe and persistent mental illness had been properly treated, but alas, there were no miraculous antipsychotic medications 2000 years ago, and they, unfortunately, were forced to crucify the young man.

No, my friends, there was no NAMI Nazareth to assist the needy Joseph and Mary. Count your blessings.

We can see from Jesus’ family history that his mother, Mary, also suffered from untreated delusions and hallucinations. At the age of fourteen, young Mary believed she was visited by an Archangel named “Gabriel” whom she claimed appeared in order to inform her that she was pregnant with the Son of G-d. Mary suffered also from command hallucinations in which, she felt, the angel was ordering her to name her baby Jesus. It is common for schizophrenia to run in families. In fact, Mary’s mother Anna was also afflicted with hallucinatory visions of angels.

Mary’s much older guardian, Joseph the Carpenter, upon discovering her predicament, was not pleased. He was determined to leave Mary and dismiss her entirely. The stress of being unwed and pregnant in ancient times, may have triggered Mary’s genetic predisposition to mental illness, the very same illness that Jesus went on to develop during early adulthood. Joseph opted instead to assist in concealing Mary’s crime, and they were secretly married by the high priest.

Indeed, this was a troubled family, prone to instability and homeless wandering. Jesus himself was born under less than sanitary conditions, surrounded by animals and their droppings, which gives credence to the possibility that he may have been infected at birth with a schizo-virus found in the animal fecal matter. Upon the birth of Jesus, three social workers visited to assess the situation, and provided some limited assistance. Yet, even with the large taxes being assessed in Bethlehem, there was insufficient funding for helping these displaced and mentally ill homeless individuals, and Mary and baby Jesus fell through the cracks of a cold, uncaring system. No, My friends, there was no Mother’s Act. Without the support of Joseph, Mary and Jesus may have succumbed much sooner to the ravages of untreated schizophrenia.

Even as a young child, it seems Jesus’ symptoms were evident. He had few friends due to his outrageous and risky behavior, and many parents chose to disallow their own children from playing with young Jesus. Perhaps, it was during this time of social isolation that Jesus began to develop pathological personality traits which were exacerbated by his untreated brain illness. By the time he reached adulthood at the age of 12, Jesus was struggling with his symptoms. He chose to run away to Jerusalem, believing he was told to go home to his “father”, G-d. Joseph had passed away around this time, and Jesus became the sole supporter for his mother and himself. Again, they had fallen on hard times, losing their property and fighting poverty. “No adolescent youth who has lived or ever will live on this world or any other world has had or ever will have more weighty problems to resolve or more intricate difficulties to untangle.”

“Jesus attained his full physical growth. He was a virile and comely youth. He became increasingly sober and serious, but he was kind and sympathetic. His eye was kind but searching; his smile was always engaging and reassuring. His voice was musical but authoritative; his greeting cordial but unaffected…yet he was developing a somewhat fluctuating and aggressive temperament.” Jesus began to engage in violent behavior, entering the temple and turning over the furniture in a rage. He spoke of receiving messages from G-d, of whom he claimed to be the son sent to redeem humanity. Jesus roamed the streets in his delusional state, speaking of things that no one else could understand. His rants and rages became the focus of the authorities, and Jesus was arrested.

No, my friends, there was no jail diversion for the severely and persistently mentally ill back in those days. There were no state of the art psychiatric facilities that could contain Jesus, keeping him and others safe from his bizarre ideas and vagrant wandering. The authorities did not understand that Jesus had a serious brain illness. In ignorance and hatred, they crucified him. Jesus became just another statistic, a tragic victim of his untreated severe mental illness.

But today, we have neuroleptic drugs and NAMI. Today we could have prevented Jesus’ wandering and ranting, his threats about the end times, his disruptive behaviors. His loving NAMI family could have called 911 as soon as he started turning over the tables at temple, and specially trained CIT officers would subdue, lovingly restrain Jesus for safety, and remove him from society to a safe haven of psychiatric care, where he would be given highly effective medications that would allow for his peaceful and productive re-entry into society.

You’ve come a long way NAMI…Amen.

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