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Dale Milfay has tried everything to help her son Andre, everything except discussing his feelings with him while she was busy listening to President Bush give his State of the Union Address. Dale, like other NAMI mommies, knows that her son’s need to discuss his feelings is a symptom of his mental illness.

On January 10, 2007, Andre, who doesn’t have any say in what his mother tells the whole world about his personal struggles, had an “emotional outburst” and attacked his mother. What NAMI parents need are laws that force offspring with feelings to take medications which can prevent feelings. Feelings are such a nuisance, more than that…feelings are dangerous!

Dale Milfay could have allowed Andre the human comfort of addressing his feelings, but we wouldn’t want to reinforce healthy behaviors…uh…I mean symptoms of manic ragenow, would we?

No, of course not. If your child wishes to discuss his feelings, call the police immediately!

“Mommy loves you son, we’ll talk after I listen to our fascist leader.”

No “normal” person would be angered by this behavior from someone they need to speak with about something important (a person who theoretically “cares about” him). Yes, and the cops are on the way…

Andre hits his mom. She’s an annoying bitch, but it’s not okay to hit people, so this is a bad thing

“Ahhhhhh!!! Why are you attacking me son?”

Andre has just given the cops an actual reason to haul him away. Andre realizes this and splits the scene.

“Run for your life! Run! She wants to lock you away again!”

And on the television, President Bush declares, “We are engaged in a struggle that will determine the direction of the global war on terror — and our safety here at home…We go forward with trust that the Author of Liberty will guide us through these trying hours. Thank you and good night.”

– Intermission –


Andre’s mom is utterly validated in all her attitudes and actions by someone who also owns a camcorder. That person films her giving her version of this story with her self-satisfied air, and it reaches other callous relatives of people with psychiatric labels, who are also validated in their assholic attitudes and behaviors, which spread, virus-like…

~Some things are priceless. For everything else there’s meds.~

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We Can Eradicate Mental Illness

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Winston Churchill

Based on our extensive knowledge of psychiatric brain illness and it’s genetic roots, NamiDearest proposes that this fine nation re-institute euthanasia, bringing an end to the suffering caused by mental illness. As compassionate advocates for the mentally ill, we must act in the fine eugenic tradition of Virginia’s Buck vs Bell and sterilize NAMI mothers and fathers, (who undoubtedly carry mental illness genes) so that they can no longer produce their genetically defective offspring.

All of the NAMI fathers will most certainly require immediate sterilization, because their ability to produce genetically defective, biologically mentally ill offspring is unaffected by age…especially since our pharma-friendly brothers now have access to the little blue pill. Since some of the mothers will be beyond childbearing years, perhaps they have other lovely, intelligent daughters or sons, that while unaffected phenotypically, might still produce one of these genetically defective, biologically mentally ill offspring as well.

The suffering is immense, “for not only those who suffer with mental illness but also for their families whose lives are often even darker than their mentally ill loved ones.” Because mental illness is biological and genetically transmitted, we can prevent its spread through the timely and effective use of sterilization. However, until we are provided with definitive genetic tests for mental illness genes, NAMI families will certainly be willing to forego children and grandchildren for this noble cause of ours. I am certain of that.

“In the majority opinion Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote: “It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind…”

I rest my case.

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How Can I Get My Pain-In-The-Ass Family Member Committed?

How can my I get my pain-in-the-ass family member committed?

The above question is commonly raised by families seeking treatment chemical restraint and/or incarceration in a psychiatric facility for someone they love want to scapegoat, silence, control, publicly discredit, hide or get out of the way. Unfortunately, the reality of treatment in the United States, is that unless you are the sister of E. Fuller Torrey, care too institutionalization and loss of freedom often only comes once they’ve committed a crime or unless you really know how to work the system to your advantage.

A recent study in the Journal of Psychiatric Services , looked at demographic characteristics, diagnoses, psychiatric, legal histories, and current psychiatric condition and treatment from jail psychiatric records of a random sample of 104 male inmates with mental illness and from electronic county mental health records and state records of criminal histories of individuals in a large urban county jail and what psychiatric services they received while incarcerated. Their conclusion? One that is not at all surprising – a large percentage of persons with a severe mental illness who are in jail receive their acute inpatient treatment in the criminal justice system rather than in the mental health system.

The study’s specifics are sadly familiar: 75% of the random sample were diagnosed as having a severe mental illness; 76% of the sample were known to have a history of substance abuse. Substance abuse, which often leads to behavioral disinhibition and poor judgment, would certainly play a role in the fact that 72% had previous arrests for violent crimes against persons.

So, to answer the original question, “How can I get my pain in the ass family member committed? we have the full moral integrity and loving care of DJ Jaffe of NAMI and the Forced Treatment Advocacy Center at our disposal:

“Sometime, during the course of your loved one’s illness, you may need the police. By preparing now, before you need help, you can make the day you need help go much more smoothly. . .It is often difficult to get 911 to respond to your calls if you need someone to come & take your [mentally ill] relation to a hospital emergency room (ER). They may not believe that you really need help. And if they do send the police, the police are often reluctant to take someone for involuntary commitment.

When calling 911, the best way to get quick action is to say, “Violent EDP,” or “Suicidal EDP.” EDP stands for Emotionally Disturbed Person. This shows the operator that you know what you’re talking about. Describe the danger very specifically. “He’s a danger to himself” is not as good as “This morning my son said he was going to jump off the roof.”

Also, give past history of violence. This is especially important if the person is not acting up. When the police come, they need compelling evidence that the person is a danger to self or others before they can involuntarily take him or her to the ER for evaluation.

Realize that you & the cops are at cross purposes. You want them to take someone to the hospital. They don’t want to do it. Say, “Officer, I understand your reluctance. Let me spell out for you the problems & the danger.

While AMI/FAMI [Alliance for the Mentally Ill/Friends and Advocates of the Mentally Ill] is not suggesting you do this, the fact is that some families have learned to “turn over the furniture” before calling the police…If the police see furniture disturbed, they will usually conclude that the person is imminently dangerous.”

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Inspirational Videos for Nami Parents

Here are two inspirational NAMI parent videos to get you started. Both are from the award-winning series from

In this first clip, we see Brenda Chenowith arguing with her parents, both psychiatrists, about putting brother Billy away in an institution and giving him shock therapy.

The Doctors Chenowith are basically former hippies in Gucci, who have done the most brilliant job of taking their two talented, gifted children and turning them into emotional wrecks. When Brenda was six, they placed her in the care of a celebrity psychiatrist who manipulated and scrutinized everything she did. He then wrote a book about it all, called “Charlotte Light and Dark.” The book became a bestseller and cult classic, and turned Brenda into a public freak show.

YouTube Preview Image

In this second clip, brother Billy has broken into the psychiatrist’s office, the man who ruined his and Brenda’s lives, and stolen all of Brenda’s records. Here he is throwing the papers into the family swimming pool, the impetus for his parents wanting to have him sent away and given electroshock.

This scene should send thrills up the legs of every Nami Dearest, as well as provide ideas, should you have a swimming pool. If you don’t, a bathtub might make a fine substitute. Hire someone from Craig’s List, give him a fright wig, and pay him to break into your child’s psychiatrist’s office and steal records. Then let the fun begin!

YouTube Preview Image
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Welcome, Lazy Parents of NAMI!

Welcome to Nami Dearest, where we hope to help NAMI family members overcome their lazy streak. So get out of the Lazy Boy, get off your fat asses, and work it! It’s time to go NAMI and get your kids put away, where they belong!

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